At the Heights of Piero / Basilica of San Francis


Reduced-price ticket

Visitors aged between 18 and 25 years, with a valid identity document which must be shown at the entrance:

• European Community citizens.
• Swiss, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein citizens.
• Non-EU citizens with a valid residence permit in an EU country.

Free admission

• Minors aged between 12 and 18 years of any nationality, provided with a valid identity document, must be mandatorily accompanied by an adult.


• Access is not permitted for children under 12 years of age.


• Student groups from Italian state and non-state schools and from other European Union member states, accompanied by their teachers, can make reservations, within the maximum number of school groups guaranteed per day (daily quota), as set by the Director of each Institute. Reservations for European Union schools are free of charge and compulsory and must be made only via e-mail to They will be answered during office hours. Online bookings and tickets purchased at the ticket office will therefore not be accepted.


• Teachers and students of undergraduate, master’s or postgraduate degree courses and PhDs of the following faculties: architecture, conservation of cultural heritage, science of education or literature and philosophy with an archaeological or historical-artistic focus. The same facilities are granted to lecturers and students of equivalent faculties or courses established in European Union countries. Free admission is granted to students by showing their certificate of enrolment for the current academic year, and to lecturers by showing a suitable document.


• Teachers and students enrolled in fine arts academies or equivalent institutions in the European Union, by presenting the certificate of enrolment for the current academic year.
Italian public and officially recognized private school teachers with a fixed-term or open-ended contract who show the form issued by MIUR in which it must be stated that it is valid for the current school year.


• Italian journalists in good standing with the payment of their membership fees for the current year, by presenting the appropriate document.


• Tour guides licensed to practice their profession in an EU country are entitled to free booking regardless of whether they accompany a client or come to a museum for study or holiday purposes. In the latter two cases, only guides licensed for Arezzo and its province are also entitled to free booking: the others pay booking fees.


• EU tourist interpreters, when their services are needed alongside the guide (upon showing a valid licence issued by the competent authority).


• Italian Ministry of Culture personnel on duty.


• Members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).


• In case of studies and research authorized by an Italian or international university, academy, school, research institute, or cultural organization, or by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, or for other justifiable reasons, the requesting parties may be granted free admission authorized by the Directors of the Institutions, which is valid only for specified periods of time.

People with disabilities

Any disabled person is entitled by law to free access to all State Museums for themselves and for a family member or another caregiver who can demonstrate their affiliation with social and healthcare services. Therefore, it will be sufficient to go to the Museum you wish to visit, and the reception staff will take care of all the necessary arrangements.



• Groups of more than 10 people

For groups (more than 10 persons) coordinated and assisted by an authorised tour guide, a request can be made by e-mail to

– Booking must be made by email and must be paid for at least three working days in advance of the planned date of the visit. The three working days are to be understood as excluding both the day of the visit and the booking day.

(Example: date of visit FRIDAY, last day to book is on MONDAY).

– No same-day bookings are accepted.


Ticket Payment will be made:

1) for email booking by bank transfer (bank transfer details will be sent by email when booking by phone), or by credit card from the Ticka platform or by sending a link for autonomous completion of payment on the web.

Visa, Mastercard are accepted.

2) for ONLINE booking by credit card. Visa, V Pay, Mastercard are accepted.


Tour operators / companies and other commercial legal entities

For the above parties who need to purchase stocks of tickets exceeding 50 units, please send a purchase proposal by email to

The Foundation will open a ticket, evaluate the purchase proposal and in the case of a positive evaluation will manage the request via the REGIONDO sales system for the purchase of a service with the desired access and will issue an invoice respecting the costs of the tickets requested. There will be no discounts on stock or multiple ticket purchases.